about recession survival
Business Leadership Strategies for times of Crisis


Businesses adrift in the treacherous sea of economic chaos and recession. Disruptive change is the norm!

Recession survival depends on business leaders, their leadership skills, and their swift leadership actions.

What should these leadership actions be, and what new leadership skills are needed for recession survival?

Seeking answers to such questions is the focus of "Survival in the Sea of Economic Chaos," a new business leadership book that explores alternative leadership actions for business survival in a disruptive environment such as recession.

Interested in recession survival in today's stormy business seas? Want to better understand the kind of business leadership and leadership actions that it takes? If so, grab your life raft and sail along with us in our newest business leadership book.

Perspectives on Leadership Actions for Businesses in Crisis
by Carol L. Fatuzzo and Ennio Fatuzzo

A new business leadership book about recession survival.
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 Survival in the Sea of Economic Chaos

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